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Career with UK Solution

Corporate culture of UK Solution creates a special atmosphere for talented people, giving them the opportunity to develop, effectively interact with colleagues and improve their skills while enjoying the work. Because we:

We work in a team
We are constantly developing
Strive for leadership
We take the initiative
We are guided by a personal example

We work on creating conditions for personal and professional growth of workers. UK Solution provide the most comfortable atmosphere for creativity and self-realization. Our employees are involved in rapid growth of the company and we are proud to concentrate and continue to expand one of the most highly professional teams in the Atyrau region and beyond. If you want to join our team, please send us your resume.


Interesting and creative work
The company is constantly growing, mastering new projects and increasing its presence. We highly appreciate initiative and we are open to the boldest ideas and always ready to help to translate these ideas into reality.

The ability to significantly improve the professional level
Professional development of employees is one of the key elements of the strategy of UK Solution. We encourage any interest for obtaining new knowledge and do our best to help our employees to grow and master new professional horizons.

Social guarantees and support
UK Solution assists its employees with a full set of social contributions. The company implements a health insurance program and a quarterly corporate recreation for employees (team building).

Competitive salary
The salary of the employees of UK Solution directly depends on the results of their work. All KPI projects have a KPI system (key performance indicators). Effective and productive work in the UK Solution is always rewarded.


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Transport coordinator Atyrau
Mechanic Atyrau